Why Aprica?


According to legend, Aprica was made whe21n God, upon creating Heaven, dropped a handful of earth.
This little resort in the Alps, with its 50 km of slopes attracts tourists from all over the world. With plenty of skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice-skating and climbing facilities, as well as the Natural Wildlife Alpine Sanctuary and a variety of hiking and cycling routes, Aprica offers leisure all year round. It is the ideal destination for those who seek an active vacation in the breathtaking nature of Valtellina, with an eye on its culinary specialties such as pizzoccheri, bresaola and local wines.



SUMMER: Trekking & Bike Trips&Walks Paragliding Vallecamonica Paragliding Valtellina Climbing Tennis Golf Pool
WINTER: Ski e Snowboard Scialpinismo Snow-shoes itineraries Ice-skating Pool

Natura e cultura: Trenino rosso Palazzo Salis Osservatorio Eco-faunistico Alpino Parco Incisioni Rupestri di Grosio Palazzo Besta Santuario della Madonna di Tirano

Wine & Food

Wines: Valtellina Superiore DOCG Lo Sforzato Visita le Cantine Documentario Rupi del vino di Ermanno Olmi
Specialities: Bitto e Casera mele Bresaola Pizzoccheri